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Arab World Educational Study For 2017

In Arab countries a few years back the access to education of difficult. They were having a problem in establishing a quality education system. But now the situation is different. Many countries in the Arab world have made their education system reliable. Many countries in the Arab world have made progress in this field. Some have implemented reforms to improve the education.

The Kuwait and Jordan are fighting to take first place in the education system. They are providing to student’s quality education, so in future, they can contribute to their knowledge in the development of the country.

The Arab government is making educational, friendly policies. They know that these young students are there country future and can lead the country to the top of success. Education in Arab world is progressing.


The situation of education in Arab world has some up and down. A survey was conducted to see the problem is faced by education in Arab world. Some countries in the Arab world are developed, but some still need some development in all fields. In some parts of the Arab world, they see that due to poverty many parents avoid to sending their children school, they instead send them to work and earn money.


The government of Arab world has made special policies for education. They know that educated people will contribute to the progress of the country economy. They have planned teacher programs, in which all the teachers of school and university are given special training about how to control class and which teaching method to adopt. They are trained to create a good and creative environment that encouraged students to study. The next step which they have taken is that they are building new schools. Building schools in rural areas so that children in this area can easily come to school without traveling several hours and difficult way from the mountains.

Some well-known universities in UAE:

As the education in Arab world is trying to prove them self, there some universities are providing quality education. Now the education in Arab world is better than tomorrow, their universities are becoming famous around the world. Some famous and universities providing good, quality education is as follow:


This university in providing higher education. Opened in 1967, has now over 70,000 students enrolled.The course offered in this institution are business administration, human science, learning course in medical and dentistry.

Beirut University:

This university promotes the diversity and tolerance. It is the American university situated over here. The course offered in Beirut University is in agriculture, engineering, business and much more. It is one of the best universities in the Arab world.

Kingdom University:

The Arab EmiratesKingdomUniversity. It is the fifth largest university in ranking. This university is also offering some courses and giving quality education to students.

The Education in the Arab world is reaching the level they desired for. They know that a well-educated man can make the country more developed and can compete with others.