May 25, 2012
Jason Thompson

Do You Ever Get Writer’s Block?

I discovered a tool which not only helps me focus on typing blog entries, it also provides me with an amazing environment to do it in. As I type today’s blog entry there is a team of painters outside of my house prepping the exterior to be painted. If I didn’t have my headphones nor this program I probably wouldn’t be able to stay focused on writing this very entry.

I’m one of those bloggers that needs a serene environment to be productive in. With all the work being done on the property these last few days it’s been hard to concentrate. So what program am I talking about? Before I get into that I want to clarify that this is not a sponsored post. I am writing this because I discovered a software program which has worked for me. The program is called OmmWriter. I discovered this program a few days ago while searching for something to help me get started on writing a few ebooks.

My favorite feature about this program is the fact that it takes up the entire screen. It makes you feeel as if you are typing on top of a painting! The program also comes with a couple of music tracks which have helped me enormously. I tend to use music to tune out my surroundings and the music that this program comes with does just that.

I still have yet to explore all the options that the free version of OmmWriter has to offer, but from what I see so far I am convinced that it is the best program I have ever used to tackle writer’s block. If you encounter a problem with writing, try the program out for yourself and see if it helps you as it helped me.

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