charity to donate

Finding the best charities to donate to

When we choose to donate money for benefits of others, we need to be sure about the perfect use of our money. When we select the organization for charity and donate money, we need to know that company will make good use of our money or not. It is very tough to find the organization to begin charity that matches our ideal. We can use web-based tools to find out the organization to support. Charity Navigator finds out 5000 U. S based charities. This web-based tool helps to find the organization which provides donor reviews, a rating of financial services, mission statements and current news. We can search top charities to donate to through the internet. We can also find 10 top listed charity organizations for the best use of our money as a charity.

GiveWell also provides charity reviews and recommendations. It supports the beginners to find out the best way to charity the money. It lists their top charities by cause and provides aprimer. It also lists top charities. Good Intentions is also a site which helps how to donate. It is a different kind of site for donating purpose. It does not provide rate charities for the user but how to donate.

Choosing the best charities

You should consider few things before choosing the charities

  1. Affinity

You should give to charities with which you are affiliated somehow. In this way, you can confidentially donate money. These affiliated institutions may possibly be linked to you in any way like church, denomination your alma matter or may possibly be through the radiostation, etc. the closer you are to the organization, the more confident you are about donating the money. You will be sure that your money is using in the right way. This affinity may possibly be through religious manner or any other kind of affiliation.

  1. Cause you care about

You should give to charities which are working for the cause which you prefer. As an example, if you prefer to care about poor people, you will prefer to donate for the betterment of the poor people. This cause may contain your passion area like abortion prevention, cancer prevention, environment, politics, the arts, etc. it may include the mission for the welfare of the people. The more you care about, the more you will be engaged and informed with the charity cause.

  1. Good Financial Stewardship

You should give to charities which do spend more of the income on programming including 80-90%. It should not spend more of its income on the overhead cost of maintenance and administration. Most of the charities to donate spend their income on the administration like staff salary utility bills etc. No hard and fast rule is about how many charities to donate to the overhead cost, they should spend almost 10% for the administration purposes. New charities often spend their most of the income for overhead cost and administration expenses. They are not such worthy charities to donate to.

  1. Board governance and accountability

You should give to the charities which have strong board governance and accountability.  Board of the charities should be strong, informed, active and independent. Good charities should have five members on their board. These members should not be selected from the current employees of the organization or the family member of the CEO. If family members of CEO or current employees are selected, they may work for the sake of organization, not the charity work.