Apr 25, 2012
Jason Thompson

Help Me Choose A Logo! One Lucky Person Will Win A GoDaddy Gift Card

As some of you know I am working on a website called DomainMarathon.com. The site itself will be dedicated to showcasing my domain portfolio. I want to create a brand that end-users feel comfortable with using. The ultimate goal is to have someone visit the site and potentially purchase a domain name.

Now here’s the fun part! I would like for you to help me choose a logo! I’ve had a great experience with the last logo I posted on facebook, so I figured I would give it a try here. To entice you just a little bit, I will randomly choose one person from the comment section below to give a $20 GoDaddy Gift Card to.  The gift card will be awarded on May 3, 2012!  All you have to do to enter is post a comment below about what logo you like and explain why.  If you don’t like any of the logos, please explain why as well and provide some insight into what you would prefer to see.  Anyone who comments below will automatically be entered into the contest! Good luck and I look forward to your comments!


  • I think you should go with concept # 2

    • Thanks for the comment Jay! What do you like about concept #2?

  • Concept 1 is the best for me without any doubts.

    • Thanks for your comment Francois! I really appreciate the input!

  • No 1, but the running part would be better if it is …. W W W with legs.

    • Mano I never even thought about that! Thanks, I am going to mention this to logonerds when I request a revision of the logo. Thanks for the comment!

  • Jason, I think you should go for concept #1

    – Text in logo is perfect (size, width and color combination)
    – logo looks cool (but need a little more work, it doesn’t specify a domain or any online symbol)
    – “DomainMarathon” is separated by color which is good, it allows a visitor to see it separately and makes it more memorable

    what I don’t like about in concept #2 is logo, it feels like this logo is for a website dealing for sports shoes, in concept #3 text is annoying and logo is confusing.

    • Domainggg thanks for your insight. The font is the first thing that really made me want to move forward with revising logo #1. I completely agree, concept logo #2 does look like a logo for a sports shoes site. Those three dots in concept #1 were supposed to represent the dot you would see in a domain name. I guess it might be a little confusing.

  • Hi Jason

    I think concept 2 is the best of the three. The image fits with the ‘marathon’ part of your branding.

    I would suggest using the text from concept 1 underneath the image for Concept 2, I think it looks much better and the seperation of colours for the main text highlights the ‘domain’ aspect more, making it seem less like a ‘sports shop’.

    I don’t like the images for concepts 1 or 3. Concept 1 looks too much like a pac man game and makes no sense for the branding. The image for concept 3 makes me think of a health clinic or fitness centre, again this doesn’t fit with the branding.

    Hope this is helpful!

    • Thanks for the comment Luke. I’m definitely going to use the font from logo 1. It seems to be the consensus all around! I appreciate it thanks!

  • I think option # 3 is very good. It will have an instant brand recognition at the very first moment.

    Also it is very ideal to be used in the favicon of the browser too.

    • Thanks Majed, #3 is starting to look like a serious candidate now. I agree I can see the abstract part of the logo used as a favicon.

  • Concept 3 has long term power meaning onlookers are less likely to get bored with it. I can see it a much better fit especially in newsletters, flyers, brochures, ads, and so on… They are all good looking logos though. Also like the logo you currently have in place on the DomainMarathon.com website with a little tweaking looks good.

    • Izaak I think you are right. I can see how #3 has long term staying power. The abstract portion of the logo really stands out.

  • Yes concept no 3 is better. Looks professional but need little tweak maybe.

    • Hasrul, you are right. The logo does need to be tweaked. I am going to ask for the font from logo #1 to be used on logo #3. I think that just might be a winner. Thanks for the comment Hasrul!

  • Go for concept #1 but use the shoe logo …instead of the PacMan and

    use Blue color.

    Easier for the eyes

    • Thanks for the comment BullS, I’ll have to seriously take that into consideration. I like the shoe logo but now I’m leaning a little more towards the abstract portion of the logo in #3.

  • I like #2. It’s intuitive and best ties in with the generally understood concept of a marathon.

    • Perchboy, I see what you mean. I’m just wondering if the shoe is just a little much when it comes to branding sake. As some of the others were saying, it might confuse the person visiting the site. I appreciate the comment, thanks!

  • Jason,

    Concept #3 for me. The first two feel a little too gimmicky. Just because you have ‘marathon’ in your site name doesn’t mean that you have to associate the logo with running. The third concept is more abstract and open to interpretation, just as the brand name.

    Further, concept #3 just looks more ‘business-y’. The first two concepts seem to have been plucked straight from a early web 2.0 era website. Not sure you’d want to associate that image with your portfolio.

    • Puranjay, the first two logos do look a little gimmicky. I’m starting to really like logo #3. I think I am getting close to a final decision on what I would like to see with the revised logo. Thanks for the comment!

  • Number 3 sire!

  • Number 3 and change the colour of the word domain to a darker blue like in the logo. Will separate the words and make it more effective. Domain . Marathon.

  • Also agree would look great as a favicon. Number 3!

    • Thanks Darryl,

      I’ll have to keep everything that you stated in mind.

      #3 is really getting a great deal of support

      This is interesting, because I didn’t really like it at first. :) I realized that I didn’t actually like the font! Once that is tweaked I feel it will be ready to go.

  • Got my pick on no. 3!

    Keep your fingers crossed for that Godaddy gift card guys!

    • Thanks for the comment Yan! Number 3 gets yet another vote! WOW! Very interesting to see!

  • Hi Jason,

    I’m a logo designer. No offense, but none of them appeal to me, as a marketing/branding
    tool for your domain service. They are a bit vague and uninspiring.

    The logo designer should start from scratch, and give you something more distinct and

    Just my 2 bits — I won’t be expecting the gift card :)

    • Thanks for the input Ron! You still have a chance to win the gift card. I wanted people to respond to this post regardless if they like the logos or not. In your honest opinion, what would you have the designers do differently? I’m curious and any insight into the matter will help. Thanks!

  • I like the font/stylized text for #1 PLUS the icons for #3 then #2 (in that order and with #3 left of the text not above).

    The “t” in #3 looks weird as well.

    Yep #1 text + #3 icon looks best to me, most trusting, professional, modern, not cartoonish.

    Good Luck!

    • Sorry I meant to type “with #2 left of the text not above”

      still like #1 text + #3 logo/icon best

    • #1 best font type and color use
      #3 best icon

      • Thanks Joe! #3 is gaining a lot of traction here! This is going to be interesting!

  • Ugh I see why you needed some assistance picking. #1 is cutesie and appealing to me. As far as branding material I like #2 better. I can see it on shirts, invitations, header etc but not sure as a stand alone it says anything about the domain industry. # 3 not a fan. Super vague and I dont like the T in Marathon :)

    You wanted opinions…you got it! lol

    • Tiffany! Glad to see you made it here. I agree #1 looks like it could be used for some sort of cartoon, maybe even a 1980s video game. 😉 Branding wise #2 does look solid. I wanted the designer to depict that people are racing to register and acquire the best domains and that these particular domains will not always be available. Not sure if it depicts that, but it comes close.

      #3 is a little vague, I think that with a little help that aspect can be worked out. We’ll see!

    • You might want to view this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAY_OmogRiM 😉

  • Jason, in response to your question:

    None of the graphics or text accurately or energetically denote your domain name service.

    Someone suggested using “WWW” instead of Packman characters in #1 — I suppose that would be a start. But that would still not be specifically suited to your offering.

    In order to answer your question with any specificity, I would need to sit down and sketch out some ideas — because a real logo is not just a matter of putting a graphic next to some text. It should flow together, as a whole — and dynamically and memorably represent your company. I wish you all the best with your current logo designer.

  • Hi,

    Not interested in the contest but beeing a domainer and graphic designer, I thought I’ll drop a few lines:

    1) The name being so descriptive, you don’t necesarily need a pictogram with it.
    You (or your graph designer) can play arround with just some fonts and colors and you’ll be amazed on how good text logos can look like.
    2) tag line waaay to long: we are in the memorable names business, so our taglines need to be easy and memorable. Your tag line contains too many concepts:
    a) there is a race
    b) a great race – for whom? why?
    c) the race is about domains
    d) “we can help…”
    d) help you win – why? how?

    Try to focus on the core vision of the service/product that you will provide and then make a tagline short and memorable. (i.e. “Domain name finish line”…)

    I know you are allready in love with what you found, but don’t be deceived: as Ron put it “a real logo is not just a matter of putting graph next to some text”

    Best of luck!


    • Thanks Puiu, great advice. The tag line is now “Names You Can Run With.” It is short and memorable. You touched on several good points and I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks again!

  • Concept 1 …. i love it

    i think you should use it :))

    • Thanks for the suggestion Ahmed. :)

  • All concepts are nicely done but:

    Concept 1 and 2 does not seem to fit what brand you are trying to convey. Concept 1 looks like a PacMan brand. Concept 2 looks like a sports or sports shoe brand.

    Concept 3 comes closest in my opinion. However, it looks almost like a mountain. I would suggest to the logo artist to connect the white to make it look more like a running person therefore going along with the ‘marathon’ theme.

    Example: http://www.tiawood.com/images2/domainmarathon.jpg

    • Tia I completely agree about concepts 1 and 2. Concept 3 is meant to be a little abstract. After a great deal of debating I’ve decided to use the icon from logo 3 and the text from logo 1. We’ll see how it ends up. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I will definitely relay some of what you said to the designer.

  • Hey Jason,
    Here’s a few general impressions I had:
    – suggest maybe changing your slogan slightly. From an end-user perspective they may not connect with the “domain race” as they are probably just looking for a good domain for their biz (depends on the market you are targeting I guess). Something better might be “Helping You Win Business for the Long ….race, run, term, etc
    – don’t like the “little pac men” in #1, but I like the font in #1 (they don’t seem “professional” if you are after credibility)
    – if i had to choose, I would say use the font in #1, change the slogan, and use the icon in #3 or none at all.

    • DomainAssets.ca,

      Thanks for commenting! I took the slogan advice and transformed it into the following:

      “Names You Can Run With!”

      I completely agree that an end-user wouldn’t know what I am implying with the domain race. The new slogan is catchy and makes a little more sense. I’ve submitted revisions for the front in concept #1 and the icon in #3.

      That seems to be what the winning combination and I can’t wait to see the final result.

  • I want to thank everyone who participated in helping me choose a logo! The winner for this contest will be announced on May 3, 2012. Hopefully I will have some revisions of the final logo by that time. I am going to enter all of the names of those of you who participated in this contest into a random name selector. Good luck to everyone and have a great weekend!

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