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How to open a General Store in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you are thinking to do a store business than starting a general store is a good idea. To do this business, you don’t need to be highly qualified. Only learn their local language and learn some simple tips of maths calculation.

General stores are from the old times that serve the whole community with all things people needs. At that time educated people rate was less as compare to now.

Abu Dhabi for store business is a good idea because this region is considered to be best for business due to its financial climate. In Abu Dhabi, general stores are run as a family business. If you want to pursue this business then think about the things as follows:

Capital for your general store:

When starting a general store business, you need money. It totally depends on you how minimum money you want. It also depends on the size of your store. If you are starting your store with 10 to 20 things to sell, then you need very minimum money to open it. Thinking to start a general store on a large scale, you can take a loan from the banks.

Your store location:

General stores in the cities are called corner shops because they are usually located on the place where two streets meet with each other. They are located where two streets meet because they want to take advantage from the both sides. When looking for the location of your general store, consider the place where people gather in the evening and streets meet.

You should know about the business laws:

You want food items for your store, for this, you should have an extra license. One starting general store should learn all laws and regulation that can affect your business. A City office in your area will give you information about all things.

Purchase good from the wholesalers agencies:

Many products, such as fashion products, food products and much more you can sell in your general stores. The main thing is that you should know how to buy these all things at low prices. Wholesale agencies are best from where you can purchase at a low price.

Merchandise store:

All the general stores sell the basic things that people needs, that’s why they are named like this. These stores don’t carry the rare items. Basic things are easily available in these stores. Most Company Setup in Abu Dhabi area is also named like this.

Products prices in store:

If you want that your business runs successfully, then you should sell at the low price and gets only 10 percent of margin. The Same strategy is adopted in Company Setup in Abu Dhabi stores as well. You can do some bargaining with your customers by this general store business goodwill also increases.

Advertise your general store:

You should advertise your general store in local newspapers and banners. This will attract more people and chances that you will earn more.These are the things to consider when opening a general store.