• You know, you, Shane, and Mark should have one site called JSM.com-JasonShaneMark.com or whatever order you want, you guys have to fight for it.

    and we can just read on one blog.

    Save time flipping the pages.

    Since Shane is the earliest one, and Jason next and of course Mark(after the drug and liquor kick in) than it should be ShaneJasonMarkDomainShow.com

    • MG, sounds like a great idea. :)

  • MG – I believe you have a good point. Although, the MarkandJasonDomainShow.com would be a better production. There would be no reason to have a bitter and spiteful person included in the lineup, it would go against the grain and eventually lead to an implosion……Quoting Marcus Lemonis, “People, product and process.”

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