Aug 17, 2014
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 8-17-2014 App Gym, Dare To Know, Date People

It’s hard to believe that it is already August. One thing about working a 9 – 5 during the summer is you really don’t get a chance to relax and take in the sun. PTO days are helpful, but I want to get to the point where I can have a month dedicated to travelling. For now, I have to settle for what I can get and build up my PTO days again.

Last night I went back to Hollywood Park Casino and won the $100 back that I lost the night before. I love walking out of a casino either within a few extra bucks in my pocket or without losing a dime. That is always fun and I wasn’t going to let them get one over on me. After all it is fun and games, but I’d rather play for free!

Domain Of The Day:

I like the sound of this name. I really feel someone could have an App Gym. A place where people can go and use apps while working out. I am sure you can already do this at a regular gym, but what if you solely catered to app users? That’s just one idea! Another idea could be to create a site dedicated to fitness apps. These types of apps are very popular right now, but it isn’t always easy to find the ones that cater to your work-out routine. Create a site to review them.

Here is the list for today! Enjoy!

Aug 16, 2014
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 8-16-2014 Investment Brokers, Purple Truth, Urban Penny

Happy Saturday everyone. Last night we went to Hollywood Park Casino. This is the first time I actually gambled there. The place is long overdue a renovation, but I can see why people are there. Just about everyone was playing poker! Unfortunately I don’t know how to play poker so I stick to craps. Here in California dice games are illegal, so they have a card version of the game. I played for about 3 hours and ended up down $100, but it was fun. Not as fun as the craps games in Las Vegas, but fun enough to enjoy while you are waiting for your next Vegas experience.

Domain Of The Day:

There is already a ton of action on this name. Great names like this tend to make great investments. This name already has 71 bids on it and the auction is already at $2,275. If you invest in these types of names, then I would consider this a steal. It looks like the auction might actually end up over $3,000 as it gets closer to closing. Good luck!

Here are the names for today! Enjoy!