Nov 27, 2013
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 11-27-2013

The other day I was browsing through a few comments on one of my favorite domain blogs. The comment was in reference to a post about bitcoins on The person stated that domains are boring. This is not the first time I’ve heard this statement. We have a sales guy at work who compares shortcode keywords to domains. He describes shortcode keywords as the new domain name. He obviously doesn’t know I’m a domain investor and that is ok. Shortcode keywords can be valuable, but they are certainly not the new domain name. He likes to compare them to the early days of the domain industry gold rush. This again is an invalid comparison. In my opinion, domains aren’t boring nor does anything come close to them when it comes to investing in the virtual economy. If you are running an online business, you need a domain name. That in itself is powerful.

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Nov 26, 2013
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 11-26-2013

As Michael Berkins pointed out, bitcoins are making some people very wealthy. The problem is indeed cashing out the bitcoins. During one of our Southern California Domainer meetups a few years ago, there was a person there that was heavily involved in the bitcoin market. I’m wondering how he is doing these days. I’m starting to take a closer look into it, but it is highly speculative and I tend to like to stick to things that I know.

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Nov 25, 2013
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 11-25-2013

It’s been a fun fake weekend for me. Although I worked Saturday and Sunday I had the chance to relax a bit. My girlfriend’s mother took us to Italy’s Little Kitchen on Sunday night and I had the chance to try out pumpkin ravioli for the first time. After dinner I ended up watching the Denver Broncos lose to the New England Patriots in OT. That was one of the best NFL games I have ever seen. Both teams were playing their hearts out.

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Nov 22, 2013
Jason Thompson

Your Domains Aren’t As Valuable As You Think Because Deborah Jacobs At Forbes Says So


Domainers! It is time for all of us to reconsider our investments. According to Deborah Jacobs we’re currently sitting on massive amounts of fool’s gold. Deborah is obviously correct because she attended the latest Heritage Auction domain name auction. She sat at the auction and noticed that names weren’t selling for the asking prices.

From what I read, it looks like Deborah Jacobs learned just about everything she needed to know about domaining within 48 hours. She is clearly a scholar and incredibly overqualified to assess this industry as a whole. Apart from her piece being Pulitzer Prize worthy, she obviously tried her hardest not to be biased and should be commended for this.

Thank You, Deborah for taking the time to share your experience with the masses. You deserve a raise at Forbes and I would be more than happy to write a personal letter to the editor on your behalf.

Confused, don’t be. This is the exact style of writing Deborah used to summarize our industry in a nutshell. She made us out to be domain squatters who have gotten in over-our-heads in a speculative industry which is now dying a slow, but painful death. The truth is Deborah never took the time to get to know any of us.

She decided to write a biased piece which completely portrays Rick Schwartz as a traveling sales man who has mastered the art of flipping snake oil. It is individuals like Deborah who cast a negative light on what otherwise is a small community, which for the most part, gets along well together. Domaining isn’t something you can discover one day and write about the next. This is an “industry” that takes time to learn the inner workings of and can’t be defined in 48 hours.

In my opinion any publicity is good publicity. So minus the bias of Deborah’s article, I’ll take the glitter and you keep the fool’s gold. Cheers Ms. Jacobs, drinks on you.

Image by Fool’s Gold link to {}.

Nov 21, 2013
Jason Thompson

Los Angeles-Based Nasty Gal Sues Startup New Nasty Over Trademark


I was browsing a few sites this morning and noticed that two local brands are involved in a lawsuit which is just plain Nasty! Apparently Los Angeles-based Nasty Gal has decided to sue Los Angeles startup New Nasty. As you might of guessed it both of these companies are in the fashion e-commerce segment. Nasty Gal sued New Nasty over the use of the word “Nasty”.

A lawsuit was filed on November 18th in the California Central District Court which accuses Charamon Hunter, the owner of New Nasty, of infringing on Nasty Gal’s trademark. Nasty Gal is pretty much saying that they have established their brand in this space and any use of the word “Nasty” can and will be considered trademark infringement.

According to the defendant, when Nasty Gal contacted her, she offered to help clear up any confusion by putting a disclaimer on her site. The disclaimer would of stated that New nasty has no affiliation with Nasty Gal. She is quoted on as saying “By no means am I for corporate bullying, especially from multi million dollar companies vs. small business owners for their own selfish reasons.”

Corporate bullying is obviously a problem here in the US, but the real question is did New Nasty purposely try to infringe on the Nasty Gal brand? Only time will tell how this lawsuit pans out, but this really does make me start to think about all of the new gTLDs which will be unleashed in the near future. I can’t help to think that .nasty might be one to join the ranks soon. Does this mean that Nasty Gal can go after any clothing company who decides to register a .nasty domain, after all this might confuse people. ;-)

Nov 20, 2013
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 11-20-2013

HostGator has been really disappointing me lately. I understand that server migrations need to be conducted, but they could of at least given me a phone call in regards to this. A number of my sites have been down for several hours. I guess they had a server migration occur around 11 PM PST. Glad I didn’t see the monitoring system go off because I would not of been happy! Oh well, things like this tend to happen in the hosting world. Now I have to plan some time to determine what is up and what is down.

Here is the list for today. You can blame HostGator for it being a few minutes late.