May 22, 2014
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 5-22-2014 Better My Health, Community Power, Rank Forum

Today is a domain investor’s dream when it comes to roofing domains. The roofing industry is huge, but only purchase these names if you are actively building a portfolio which is suitable for them. I didn’t see any LA roofing names, so I decided not to participate in the bidding process. Roofing is the keyword of the day, so don’t miss out to own a few solid roofing names!

I’m going to see how many leads I can generate today. Regardless of what people say, the phone is the best way to sell a domain. I haven’t had much luck with email and I think end-users take you a little more serious when you take the time to call them. Companies are always looking for a competitive edge and fortunately we are in the position to give that to them.

There has been a lot of hype over the whole “50InDa.Club”. I’m a hip-hop fan, but I’m not really sure where this type of exposure will take us. It would of been a bigger deal if 50 Cent moved from to Obviously he is not going to do this. If you didn’t notice, 50 Cent is a marketing genious and he is going to squeeze every cent he can out of this partnership with .Club. I just hope they didn’t overpay for this type of exposure. I don’t see businesses flocking to the .club extension because of this partnership. I just see the marketing spin-cycle taking its full course.

For those of you in New York to celebrate the launch of the new website, make sure to have a great time and get a photo op. That will surely make your trip worthwhile. ;-)

Domain Of The Day:

It looks like whoever purchased this name is now trying to sell it. I remember seeing this name a few months ago and I might of even particpated in the bidding for it. I didn’t win the name, but I feel it is a solid one. I can see this name being used for a grass roots campaign or for a company who creates products and services to empower the local community. Whatever your poison is, don’t spend too much money for it as you might end up trying to sell it just like the person now.

Here is the list for today! Enjoy!

May 21, 2014
Jason Thompson

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 5-21-2014

Another work week is almost over for me. I look forward to getting a little more coding done this time around. If you are looking to deep link to GoDaddy auctions and build your own list, then feel free to visit, a tool I developed to help make deep linking a little easier. :-)

In order to use the site you will need to have a Commission Junction account. I will make a few videos on how to use it in the next couple of days! It’s pretty straight forward, but videos will make it even easier to use.

It’s been one heck of a week. A little busier than I normally like it, but that happens.

Here is the list for today! Enjoy!

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