Oct 2, 2015
Jason Thompson

Cyber Security Fridays: I’m A Cyber Security Engineer By Day

When I first started blogging, I felt it should solely focus on my online endeavors. I wanted to keep my side projects and business separate from my day job. Now that I am a little older and a lot wiser, the day job and my side business tend to intersect.

I can no longer just blog about what I am doing with domains. I figured incorporating what I do for a living would be interesting enough to write about. As some of you know, I am a Cyber Security Engineer. I take security extremely serious and feel that it is something that everyone should really factor into their daily lives.

With that said, here is a great video that I found that I feel everyone should watch. If you are utilizing public wifi spots, you might want to watch this video:

If you are interested in Cyber Security, make sure to check this blog. I plan on discussing important Cyber Security topics, hacks which have headlined the news, tools and more every Friday!

Oct 1, 2015
Jason Thompson

Dot Crap Domain Names?

I just got off of work and I figured I would catch up on a few feeds posted to Domaining.com. The first blog entry that caught my eye was Domain Name Investing for Dummies – The State of the End User Market. Toronto Domainer is certainly someone that I respect, but I was a little taken back at how he referred to the new gTLDs.

I think I counted him referring to the new gTLDs as dot crap about six times in the blog entry. As always, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Since that is the case, I guess I’ll share mine as well. What some are referring to as dot crap can also be looked as being a huge opportunity. If you don’t see the huge opportunity, then you just might miss the next wave which has crippled the so called .com industry to its knees. Even Toronto Domainer sees the impact that the new gTLDs are having.

If you are heavily invested in .com domains, then you might be feeling the pinch as well. I used to classify myself as a .com investor, but I now refer to myself as a domain investor. Each new gTLD possesses a certain power and the right combination will be just as effective as a .com domain, if not more effective. Although the majority of domains I own are .com, I wouldn’t necessarily refer to the new gTLDs as being crap. This is this mentality that segments our industry. If you are able to grab a solid keyword in a so called dot crap extension, why wouldn’t you?

After all domain investing requires diversification just like normal investing. Why would you put all of your eggs in one .com basket? I’ve been around long enough to identify the opportunity that some of us are too naive to accept. The opportunity is here for all of us to grab. Collectively we are all lucky to be at the forefront of this massive revolution. We’ve heard the rants, why not accept change and become someone who is capable of adapting to the times. That’s just my two cents! I’m pretty happy with the domain portfolio that I have built and I look forward to continuing to add new gTLDs to the mix.


Sep 30, 2015
Jason Thompson

Affiliate Wednesdays: My Weekly Thoughts On Affiliate Marketing

Normally I try to post entries a little earlier in the day, but that doesn’t always happen. Some of my best ideas occur at night and Affiliate Wednesdays definitely falls into this category. I’m not sure what it is, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with being able to think. I am grateful to have such a day and to be in a place to partake in some of the best affiliate programs which are out there.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, then definitely make sure to visit my site every Wednesday! With that said, I wanted to discuss something which happened recently to me. I won’t mention any names, but I do feel it is important to shed some light on the matter.

I signed up for an affiliate program geared towards the real estate industry on September 27th and I have yet to hear back on whether I was approved or not. This just reiterated the fact that signing up for such programs takes time and you aren’t necessarily guaranteed approval. Unfortunately for me, my project actually depends on being part of such an affiliate program.

I learned that plan B’s are always necessary. If I don’t get approved for the first program, I will certainly apply for a second one and then there is a third one I can also look into. It can get quite frustrating, but I’m certain it will be worth the wait. For those of you looking to sign up for affiliate programs, make sure to factor in the approval time and also make sure to have backups just in case the first program doesn’t work out for you.

I’ll keep you posted on what ends up happening, but hopefully I will get approved soon as I would really like to build out the real estate segment of my site using this particular company!

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