Feb 19, 2015
Jason Thompson

Why Can’t The Word Domain, Just Be Used For Domain Names?

Yes, the word domain existed before domain names were even a blip on the map. As a domain nerd, I would love to see it only used and applied to our industry. Isn’t that selfish of me to expect that? Well, the rest of the world could care less! Here are some common results that come up when I search for the keyword domain on Google News:

Eminent Domain

This is one of the more common terms that I tend to see. I can’t seem to go a week without reading a headline with the phrase eminent domain in it. Here is what the term eminent domain actually means:

The right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

Binary Domain

Yes the gaming industry is trying to steal our flare. There is actually a third-person shooter video-game called Binary Domain. I haven’t played it, but I am automatically drawn to it because of the word domain. Yep, that’s how big of a domain nerd I truly am! From the looks of it, the game actually looks like fun. I just might have to buy it in the near future! I wonder if there is a promo code for it. 😉

Auckland Domain

Did you realize there was actually a park called Auckland Domain? I certainly didn’t and considering it is located in New Zealand I might not ever get a chance to visit this place. I think this is something I should add on my bucket list! I mean, what domain nerd wouldn’t want to visit this park!

Public Domain

This is probably one of the more mainstream terms I have seen. I was familiar with the public domain before I knew what a domain name was. I happen to be a big advocate of the public domain and here is the reason why, taken straight out of wikipedia:

Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable.

Intellectual property is something that we should all be concerned with, but I also feel that all IP should eventually enter the public domain. That’s just my personal opinion and one that I feel strongly about.

Well there you have it! Four different terms which tend to use the word domain and have nothing to do with domain names. I normally try to scan right over these type of headlines because in the end domain names are more important than anything listed above. 😉 Just kidding!

Feb 17, 2015
Jason Thompson

Poll: Do You Plan On Attending THE Domain Conference?

As some of you may of heard, a new conference is set to take place on September 26th, 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some say that the industry doesn’t need any new conferences and then others say that THE Domain Conference is just a way to keep TRAFFIC going under a new name. Whatever your opinion may be on the matter, the real question is will you be attending the conference or not?

Feb 16, 2015
Jason Thompson

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Some of you asked for a way to be notified when I publish my daily auction list. I am excited to announce that you can now receive my daily auction alerts on your mobile phone! You will know exactly when my auction list is published!

To opt-in to this service all you need to do is text Domain to 99629. Please keep in mind, this is the beta launch of my domain auction alert service. At this time, this messaging service only works in the United States.

Please note that this service is free, but you will want to have a decent text message plan so you do not get charged by your carrier for the text messages you will receive on a daily basis. If you have any trouble opting into the service, feel free to contact me!

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