Feb 17, 2012
Jason Thompson

Say It Ain’t So! Google Stops Indexing Custom Domain Based Blogger Blogs?

This has weird written all over it.  According to WebProNews.com Google has stopped indexing blogger blogs on custom domains.  Apparently new posts on custom domain based blogger blogs are not being indexed.  A number of bloggers have complained about this issue and have expressed their frustrations on Google’s Webmaster Help Forum.

I like the Blogger platform and categorize this issue as a temporary problem as Google has expressed the fact that they are working to resolve it.  My buddy Shane recently wrote a great write up on the positives of building a blog on the Blogger platform.  I completely agree with his write up.  I’ve had great luck with it as well, but little glitches like this tend to give me another reason to love WordPress.

I tend to use Blogger sites for backlinks.  This is a common technique that I learned from the SEO gurus that are out there.  Here are two blogger sites that I have that are currently up and running.



Both of the sites are long overdue for an update!  Now lets all continue to complain to Google to make sure they get the indexing issue fixed!


  • All three of my sites are on the first page so I’ve not experienced any of the problems. I’m actually number 1 overall and have been for a while. I always use custom domains but I’ve heard that doesn’t make a difference. Like all I do, what works for me may not work for others. I like to share what I do because it may help others. In this case many may be scared away from Blogger now. I’m hoping that Blogger now overcompensates and send my new sites even higher. Thanks for the mention

  • Yep, I’m sure the Blogger issue will be resolved soon. No problem Shane, good write up.

  • hi am started new blogs with custom domains http://www.cinerak.co.in and http://www.cinerak.in .web master tools not indexing sitemaps and google indexing links after 2 or 3 days (whenever i check site:www.cinerak.co.in) .why this happened i have seen some custom domain sites indexing but why to me? Is There any other option to submit sitmaps like atom.xml and rss.xml ..i tink we can use sitemap.xml in web master tools for blogger.pls replay me boss

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