Dec 18, 2011
Jason Thompson

Sunday Musings

I truly enjoyed this past week.  On top of that the Los Angeles Clippers just picked up Chris Paul.  I attempted to purchase season tickets but they have all been sold out.  Can you believe that?  This is one of the first times I have ever heard of season tickets for the Clippers ever being sold out.  What a difference one trade makes.

1.  I started using an for my billing and bookkeeping needs.  I’ve never used a piece of bookkeeping software this simple before.  I’m glad I went ahead and tried them out before I forked out a few bucks for Quickbooks.

2.  I pretty much listed all of my domain names with Afternic with fixed prices.  This is an experiment of mine.  I am curious to see if any offers will be made within the next few weeks.  Eventually I will change it up, removing some of the fixed prices from some of my domain name listings.  My domains were listed with Sedo, but I figured it was time to give another site a chance.  I’ll keep everyone up to date on this.

3.  I’m in the market for a great music domain name.  I thought I had found it in, but the owner of the name hasn’t returned my inquiry.  Since that was the case I went ahead and contacted the owners of which would be the second best.  A company by the name of Domainsource owns this name.  I called them up and they quickly quoted me a price of $4500 which in my book is highly inflated.  I didn’t bother to tell them I am a domainer.  I’m the type of person that is straight and to the point.  If you tell me a price then that is the price.  I don’t have time to waste negotiating.  It is a shame because if they had quoted me something a little more reasonable I would of purchased it right there and then.

4.  I completed another affiliate site  I am very happy with the way it turned out.  There are several more product domain names in my portfolio that I have yet to develop.  I should have two or three more sites up by the morning.  I have also thrown up a click bank affiliate product on  My main goal is to monetize the traffic these product sites receive by all means!

5.  I’ve been reaching out to a few hotels in Sana Monica for the next Southern California Domainers meetup.  Right now I am negotiating a space without a food or beverage minimum.  Since this meetup will be held on a Monday I am playing the card that guests who arrive that would like to order drinks can do so at the bar.  I have found out fast that hotels tend to make their money off of food and beverages.  Luckily the fact that the meetup is on a Monday the hotel I was able to connect with is inching towards providing just a room.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this location is an AWESOME one.  We have 17 RSVPs so far, make sure to reserve your spot as this meetup might have to be capped due to space limitations.

6.  Christmas is in seven days and my little nieces have already told me what they want.  I will be sending one a Hollister gift card and the other a Barbie Bratz doll.  Christmas is my favorite holiday season of the year.  I plan on registering a few Christmas domain names in the near future to develop sites on.  Many of you may not know this but my birthday is also on Christmas.  This year I turn thirty one!  I’ve been told that I just might be getting old.  My response to that is I am more focused then I have ever been in life, so if this is what getting old does then I am looking forward to turning forty!

Since my birthday is coming up I am thinking about heading to Las Vegas to celebrate it.  This will most likely occur a few days after my birthday.  I would like to experience Las Vegas right after Christmas and bring in the New Year like I have never done before.  It should be fun and there are some amazing deals out there.  I can’t wait!



  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for sharing! I found you through Morgan’s blog!

    I will have to check out “Freshbooks”. Do you have any recommendations for how to account for Domain Names from a tax perspective. Do you know if most domainers set up an llc, or s-corp, or something else?

    Jason, you might find it does not hurt to come back with a quick counter offer on the hiphop domain name. This will put the ball back in their court. It doesn’t work every time, however, it may get them to realize that you are a serious buyer. – Mars

  • Hey Mars,

    Glad you were able to locate the blog! Freshbooks really is a great bookkeeping suite. As far as tax perspectives are concerned domain names would be considered an intangible asset. Then again if you are flipping names then you have to think about capital games. Here’s a good thread that talks about this more:

    Here’s my affiliate link to the domain tax guide:

    I’ve heard many positive things about this guide and it is definitely worth looking at. As far as the type of entity it differs for people. I have an LLC, some of my friends rather not deal with the hassle and keep it simple with a sole proprietorship.

    I’ve decided that I’m not going to counter. In all honesty I can just go register another name. I’m one of those domainers that isn’t adverse to registering keywords in a variety of domain extensions. :)

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the great information. I see that you like to burn the midnight oil, like me. I will check out the links that you have listed above. I appreciate it!

    I am with you on the different TLDs. I am looking forward to experimenting with my current portfolio of domain names.

    Happy Holidays! – Mars

  • Happy birthday, Jason! Vegas sounds like a super way to celebrate your birthday and the new year. Question: have you tested the Epik Product Portal platform for your product domains? I have 60 developed sites on Epik and the platform is amazing.

  • Mars,

    I’m up at all times of the night! Yep, .com isn’t the only choice in my opinion. There is plenty of ways to make waves with another TLD or a ccTLD. Experimenting is the best way to go! Happy Holidays to you as well!

  • Hey Ian, thanks! I turn 31 on Christmas. I’ve been to Vegas about five times this year and it is pretty much a home away from home for me.

    I haven’t tested the Epik Product Portal but is competin directly with which was designed with the Epik portal. I’m not sure how the owners of are doing with their website but I can say with limited work I have been organically ranked for several terms including the term “sweatsuit”. I am on the first page of Yahoo for the term.

    This month I have had about 230 unique visitors to the site. I am indexed for 62 keyphrases and 116 different keywords. This is all organic and I only did the basics to optimize the site. I love the setup that I have now as it is continuing to build traffic on its own. Once I build out all of my product domain names I will then start the optimization, content building and social media phases.

    How have those Epik sites turned out for you? Sounds like you are doing well with them.

  • 31 — that’s not old!

    Happy b-day in advance, and enjoy your trip to Vegas. It’s gotta be hopping between Christmas and New Years.

  • Hi Jason,

    Regarding your item 2
    Would make sense to list a domain on more than one place [like Afternic, Sedo and so on].
    But when the fixed prices are used – one can not do that [what if someone buys it].
    Are there any ways to overcome this? Can you please advise on “to fix prices/not to fix”.

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