The bedtime Ballet the five-way fat burning and Body

Ballet body can be said to be the world’s most beautiful dance, the following will tell you that a few ballet movements, as long as bedtime take the time to practice will be able to achieve an excellent weight-loss effect, then take a look at night ballet 5 style it helps you burn fat while perfect posture.

STEP 1 hip

1, the body straightened prone on the bed, face down, legs Note To move closer, and just thigh and bed paste calf part is leaving. Arms elbow bent forearm and palm stick on the bed.

2 Bengzhi right leg lifted up, marginally, pelvis did not as the best from the bed. Then down the same method raised his left leg, back and forth four times.

3, after finishing, restoring the posture of the calves of the legs away from the bed, holding period.

POINT legs do not lift too high the pelvis around snapping bed, pulling the legs do not fuel pelvis. Also, do not lift the other leg to maintain the posture of the calf away from the bed, do not put down.

STEP 2 U.S. back

1, prone on the bed, face down, arms placed on both sides, palms affixed bed the calves of the legs out of bed surface, feet pointed.

2, Side breath, while slowly looked up shoulder to support the body with the palm of your hand, keep breathing smoothly up and down to do four back and forth.

3, POINT Note sideways the upturned angle cannot be too large, the head does not want to be thrown back, the line of sight to keep down.

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STEP 3 abdomens

1, Knees bent to lie down in the bed, inside the knee, hip, and heel connected into a triangle. Straighten the upper body, arms placed on both sides of the palm stick on the bed. Then lift the right leg, feet pointed, but the calf and bed parallel to the calf of the right foot the calf thigh and left leg, bed form a parallelogram.

2, Side slowly exhale, bending the right knee straight, so the thigh, calf with Bengzhi of the soles of the feet together into a straight line, and into a 90-degree angle with the upper body, hips maintain implantation, palms nor from the bed. If the right leg is straight and tough to lift straight just above the slightly downward sloping, slowly, step-by-step exercises they can do in place.

3, to maintain the posture of the previous step, The soles of Bengzhi began to be depressed in the direction of the lower leg, with the leg to form a 90 degrees. But the knee to maintain a straight posture will feel the muscles of the leg by the ankle pull and stretch.

4, the right leg is kept straight, and the soles of the feet to maintain the posture of the case, put down the right leg, but the right foot is not implantation and left with the bed and balance. At the same time, bend the left leg to the buttocks to recover the movement of the legs in the opposite direction.

STEP 4 stretches inside the knee

1, lying in bed, back pulling oriented just above the knees bent, feet tread bed less than 90 degrees, the angle of the thigh and calf. Then slowly raised his right leg, straight knee, leg and thigh in a straight line, perpendicular to the soles of the feet and legs. Fixed with both hands held onto the medial, arms straight.

2, Right knee and slowly bending, calf and thigh 90 degrees, the leg slightly recovered to the direction of the upper body that natural bent, arms, feet always at right angles and calf. Then again cite straight back and forth repeated four times straight when the breath.

STEP 5 thin waist

1, Knees bent close together, lying on the bed, waist and upper body straight, arms bent, Shuangshoubaotou tighten the elbow, facing on.

2, then the shoulders pull up the head, do supine actions, back, waist, hips, feet remain affixed. Recapture down, back and forth to do 8 times.

3, Recovery flat position, the scapula is fully in contact with the bed, breathing slowly relax.

4, right foot lift, thigh and calf to keep the original angle, feet pointed, while the upper body supine roll pose, arms elbow forward, waist and hips to keep the implantation. Up and down to do four times. In-depth more information on