Feb 20, 2012
Jason Thompson

The Jeremy Lin Effect

I’m heading to see the Lakers play Portland tonight, so I’ve gotta keep this entry short and sweet.  Since I am in the mood to watch a top notch game between two solid teams here on the west coast, lets keep this blog entry about basketball.  What better topic to talk about, then Jeremy Lin!  The Internet frenzy has ignited into an all out cashola war.  I’ve been reading articles which state everything from Nike coming out with a Linsanity shoe to Jeremey Lin’s own name being listed for sale in China.

The momentum is continuing to build with this young basketball player, so lets look a little further into what articles I’ve been reading.

In latest sign of national Linsanity, Spike Lee dons Lin’s actual high school jersey

Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant: Who’s More Popular in China?

Jeremy Lin domain name for sale in China

Knicks’ Lin Helps Generate Top Ticket Prices as Sponsors Say Wait and See

Jeremy Lin gets his own Nike shoe

You know what I love about all of this hype?  From what I could tell it started with a few great games this season and none other than a domain name!  Yes that is right, the majority of Internet hype out there really does begin with a domain name.  Good luck to the person who owns Linsanity.com, way to identify a brand in the making and run with it.  Now for the person trying to sell Jeremy Lin’s actual name in China, please think twice about doing this.  You are treading on thin ice.

Its time to eat dinner and head over to the game.  I wouldn’t be going to this game if it weren’t for Jennifer.  She definitely knows how to get me out of the house!


  • Hi Jason,

    I happen to own the domain name ItsLinTime.com

    I’m loving his story, and it’s official, this guy is a baller and is making the most of his opportunity. He’s a arketing, PR Firms dream.

    If you know anyone interested in buying it, I’ll sure sell it. I’m thinking a New York business owner or hell, even the NY Knicks themselves.

    I’m totally negotiable on any offers.

    Let me know.


    Survon Narcisse
    Next Level Apps, LLC

    • Survon, do you think Jeremy Lin has staying power? That’s a decent domain name. Did you register it purely based on the hype or is it something that you see yourself eventually developing? I’m not sure of anyone currently purchasing names of this nature, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

      He’s got a great story, but I just don’t see it going much further then that. His game the other night proved that he’s just another professional basketball player that has both his good and bad days. We’ll see what happens, those that are smart will be cashing in on those domains now. :)

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