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Top 10 ethics of best social media marketing


Always respect the customer no matter they are from. The customer is the one who is bringing you the right amount of business. If the customer was not present, then there was no need of the starting a business. Customer respect should be done from the heart. There are many people who wouldn’t respect the normal customers. But they can grow on to things and keep on improving over the years.


The truth about things is totally different a person who is selling some games or not selling the games. He needs to approve the fact that people and games are totally different things. He needs to tell them the truth what a price game is being sold on. What is the normal cost of the game and why he is selling the game at the purchase price?

Product age

Sometimes a customer has been sold an old product he should be told the truth. If the customer is telling the truth, there is a hundred percent chance that he is talking about it right. Many times a customer has a thing about losing the product over the years by years. They lose the product because it doesn’t have the current it had in the past. Because the company owners have forgotten how to change with the age of the product.

Product cost

Product cost is necessary. Product cost has been increasing. Every knows and then product cost can be improving.there should a limit so that old and loyal customers should accept the fact and increase their games in the coming years. The best part of the game is that people deny this ability to improve their game on the product cost.


The requirement of the product and what customers think about the product. There is no holding back on such issues. If the requirement is there that needs to be fulfilled, it should be done with coming time and rate. Something that is suppose to be done today shouldn’t be left behind. This can cause huge losses in the business. People might not understand this terms, but they can increase their pay rate over the years.


Everyone now and then little improves is what business requires. If the investment is made in the right directions. It is must need these ethics are much needed as the requirement is needed. The people can invest in buy Instagram followers. They will only promote on such small amounts. Those people who can’t promote and increase the investment they can output anything.


There is no return that means business is not to be returned as it was during the days. People should know that return is necessary over the years. Some people may even have done things that shouldn’t be done over theirs.  Return is something that everyone waits for.


Profit shouldn’t be made public, but it should be minimum so that audience can enjoy little less cost effective things.


Flaws should be accepted, and they should be improved.


These are all the needs of social media marketing ethics.