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Travel guide to Russia

Russia is among the most popular and visited tourist destination. It is the largest country in the world. Most tourist visits place sin Russia as ancient cities, river and long journey on Trans-Siberian Railway. Diverse regions and ethnic cultures of Russia offer the tourist much food to eat and traditions to see. Almost 33 million tourists have visited Russia. Travel guide helps you with travel ideas with Ibn Battuta how to visit.

Travel ideas to visit Russia then top destinations you should visit:

Trans railway:

The longest railway system in the world runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. It was begun in 1891 by Tsar Alexander and known as the route of tsars. Most travellers who have to travel overnight use this trans-Siberian railway. It has first, second and third class sleeper with some private bathrooms and showers. Most tourists come to see this place and travel to enjoy the longest railway system in the world. Good travel ideas to use this, if going to a destination that takes a night to reach.

Elbrus Mount:

Mount Elbrus is located in the Caucasus mountain range. It covers 5642 meters. It is included in summits and the highest summits in seven continents. It attracts many experienced and novice mountain climbers. A cable system can take the visitors high to 38oo meters.

Geysers valley:

Geysers Valley is the second largest geysers field in the world. It was discovered in 1941 by the local scientist, situated on the Kamchatka peninsula. It has now become the most attracted place by the tourist. Travel ideas to visit places like this is a good idea.

Kizhi Island:

It is located in Karelia, this place is well known for its open museum. The museum collections have 120-foot high church, a structure that is famous because of its 22 domes.

This place has wooden houses, chapels and barns that attract many tourists. The culture over there is presented by the craft and folk.

The clearest Baikal lake:

This is the deepest and oldest lake located in Siberia. Baikal lake holds 20 percent of the fresh water and this lake is surrounded by the mountain ranges. Baikal lake is considered as one of the clearest lake also known as pearl lake. There are many resorts in the areas and making this place the best tourist destination.


It was once the capital of Russia. Suzdal is the Russia golden ring the oldest city. This preserved as a living museum of Russia past cultural. Those who are interested in looking Russia historical architecture have to visit this place.

Foods the tourist must taste in Russia:


Pelmni is the pastry dumplings of meat. It can be served with butter, sour cream or in a broth.


Borscht is a soup made with beetroot that gives it a purple colour. It is eaten as an appetiser. It can eat with black bread.


Pirogi is the Russian pies that are filled with savoury and sweet fillings. It has puff pastry like crust, one should eat this when travelling to Russia.

Travel ideas for Russia and tasting food over there can make your trip more enjoyable.