renewable energy

What is Renewable Energy?


Renewable energy is a process to generate the power by using natural resources. These natural resources may include sun, tide, heat, biomass, water and wind. This form of energy can be replenished and renewed quickly with variable processes. United States rely on the different renewable energy sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil to produce the energy. Certain factors affect the renewable energy sources. These factors may include political conditions, economic development, and environmental factors. Renewable energy can be produced from different sources. These sources are as follows.

  • Biomass
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Vehicles and fuels
  • Hydrogen


This is the natural form of renewable energy. Biomass includes the energy generation from the plants. For example, energy can be produced by burning trees and use for the cooking and heating. The burning of plants and trees emit the carbon dioxide gas which causes polluting the environment. Biomass can be used to generate the energy for the automobile, electricity and the chemicals. Biomass produces the methane and alcohol for the transportation of vehicles and electric companies. This is called biomass energy. This form of renewable energy is beneficial, but it may harm the environment because cutting the plants and trees may lead to polluting the environment. It may cause the diseases in human because of carbon dioxide emission.


This renewable energy source can be used to capture the wind by wind turbines. It depends on the movement of the atmosphere which depends on the temperature. This temperature is affected by the sunlight. This form of renewable energy is used to pump the water and produce electricity.


Rays in the sunlight are captured by different methods to produce the energy. This form of energy may be produced in the form of solar energy.  Solar energy can be used to generate electricity and pump water. This form of renewable energy can be renewed easily.

Vehicles and fuels

Vehicles fuels are the form of energy produced by the hydrogen element. These elements found in the natural atmosphere and can be used as a carrier of transportation. Renewable energy can be produced in the form of hydrogen which is useful.


This form of energy can be dragged from the internal heat of the earth. This heat energy is then used to generate the electricity. This form of renewable energy can also be used to cool and heat the buildings.


Hydrogen is the elements which are firstly produced in any form of renewable energy. It is found in most of the organic compounds. For example water, a natural resource contains two elements of hydrogen. This is found in the abundant form on earth. This is produced in any form of renewable energy and used as a carrier in the form of fuels and transportation vehicles.


Water is also used to produce the energy which is renewable. Flowing water in the oceans create tides and produce the energy. This produces the renewable energy in the form of hydropower or hydroelectric power. In this form of energy production, water is stored in dams and canal which is used to generate the electricity.